My Issues With Thanksgiving Food Assumptions.

How to Pig Out on Thanksgiving (But Without the Guilt) « Kate Harding’s Shapely Prose discusses an article in Cosmo called (oddly enough) “How to Pig Out on Thanksgiving (But Without the Guilt)“.

It’s the Cosmo article which I’m really responding to here, since I pretty much agree with Kate Harding’s points. The holidays are stressful enough without turning food into another point of stress – and when people are stressed and Grandma’s Comfort Food Stuffing is available in quantity and on demand, things happen.

Pay attention to what you eat, yes. Stress out over it, no.
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Because It’s Not Thanksgiving Until…

… I’ve watched turkeys get set on fire.

I don’t know precisely when deep-fried turkeys hit the public awareness the way they’ve been popular the past few years. I know I didn’t see the fryers large enough for it in the grocery store around Thanksgiving until at most four years ago.

With this cultural discovery of deep-frying turkeys has come another new cultural standby: the “How Not To Fry A Turkey” video, a new and predicable mainstay of pre-Thanksgiving television news. Watching at least a few of these has become an annual tradition of mine.

So, here are some current favorites.

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It’s Halloween!

I always used to love it in middle and high school when Spanish class would fall on El Dia de los Muertos. Not that we did much other than cultural lessons sans candy, but it was still fun!

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