The Importance Of Knowing When To Say When

So the new laptop quite obviously did not help my posting rate in any way, shape, or form.

I’m currently ‘typing’ this post out on a tablet I also thought would help increase my post rate. I’ve had the tablet for over five months and the fact I haven’t even posted about having it should say everything I ought to say about how successful this strategy was.

I made new writer-oriented business cards last week and put this blog down as my website. While doing so, I realized how long it’s been since my last posts and more importantly what was most likely causing the problem…

I’ve fallen victim to the age-old writer problem of letting a project I wasn’t into anymore give me guilt-associated writer’s block.

This phenomenon occurs when a writer stalls out of writing anything or a particular kind of something – in my case, serious blog posts have been what was affected – because the guilt of I Should Be Writing X Instead seizes that writer’s capacities up whenever it’s attempted.

In my case, it’s that series on the Wicked series. I love the books I’ve read, but the one I was actually looking forward to writing about is Son Of A Witch… and with the series, it was going to take slogging through the entire college girl social scene bits of Wicked to get to the parts that are strongly relevant for why I adore Son Of A Witch.

So the series is off. And I’ll probably post my thoughts on Son Of A Witch sans the pressure sometime. And I will hopefully figure out italics in this WordPress app someday.

Along with other things.

But for now, I have a weekend of book festival to look forward to, and no pressure about how I should be discussing Wicked tonight instead of posting my thoughts on discovering The Giver as an adult after hopefully attending a panel including the author Lois Lowry. Or not.

And after ‘winning’ NaNoWriMo twice, maybe this year I can actually provide commentary during the event.