Reading Maguire: Introduction

A bit over a year ago, I discovered Wicked as a forlorn paperback languishing in a library booksale bin in Atlanta, Georgia. December 11, to be precise – I had stopped at the library on the way to the High Museum, and the ticket sticker from the museum somehow ended up in the inside front cover of the book. (This being one minor argument for why the High needs to bring back the old ‘get rid of the stickers here’ wall that went away when the entry changed places after the remodeling project a few years ago.)

Within the space of a few weeks, I had gotten my hands on Son Of A Witch and A Lion Among Men. This summer, I found copies of Lost and Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, neither of which I have found time to read yet.

I’ve been thinking for a while now that reading these books and doing chapter by chapter – or nearly so, as some chapters in Wicked are barely a page long and Liir’s misadventures in Son Of A Witch are over a hundred pages if I remember correctly – reactions would be interesting.

They’re a kind of guilty pleasure for me, as much of what gets highlighted in the books are things I can’t stand or rant about in real life. But Wicked and its sequels don’t pretend that they are discussing a perfect world – it’s a world absolutely cracked and growing worse, and there is no secret made of it.

I’ll try to update as often as I can.

Obligatory though not I think legally required in this case statement: I paid less than retail price for all of the books I currently own by Gregory Maguire. In each case, it was either because they were purchased used or bought off a clearance rack. I am receiving no money from he or his publisher for doing these.


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