The Reason For My Absence

I’ve not been posting for a while because I’m in the process of moving from one place to another. Which has meant the books I had meant to write about being boxed, and the software I’d been planning to write about generally sitting around unused.

This has also meant, for the first time since college, that I’ve been dealing with wanting to look something up and realizing that no, that book either isn’t where I am or is inaccessible where I am. And while the local library in the new place is a lot better at having current bestselling fiction than the library in the old place ever was, the nonfiction section is sparse. Very sparse.

It’s an interesting feeling. I generally bought and held onto research material when possible. I checked out the clearance table in the school bookstore whenever I walked through, which was often. And on top of both of those book-accumulating practices, I didn’t sell back textbooks.

I’m used to having my own library, accessible to me.

The shelves went back up this week.


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