It’s Halloween!

I always used to love it in middle and high school when Spanish class would fall on El Dia de los Muertos. Not that we did much other than cultural lessons sans candy, but it was still fun!

In honor of the holiday, have some zombies, courtesy of the people at DragonConTV, who were kind enough to not disable embedding. Read the rest of this entry »


Hello world!

*taps imaginary microphone*


I’m a young American woman with a Master’s in a writing-related field, currently trying to finish up what will hopefully be my first completed novel.

I have a fondness for the sorts of books that end up in discount racks and the abandoned corners of library booksales, and will be reviewing some of my finds here.

I’ve also been a computer user since I was small (I’ve been banging on a keyboard since before I knew what those little squiggles on the Commodore 64’s keyboard meant). Because of this, and the fact I learned computers in the first place by poking around rather than reading the manuals, means I’ve been through more than my fair share of writing and other freeware. I’ve noticed that most of the reviews written are from either the ‘what can this program do for the programming community?’ viewpoint, the casual home ‘I want to write and print a letter to Grandmother’ level of usability need, or the ‘can we replace a $200 program suite with this?’ business market.

Only the stuff targeted directly at writers gets writer-oriented reviews, and even those are few (and usually of the non-free software that beginning writers may not be able to afford). I want to change that.

And there will also be randomness, because what is life without a little randomness?